Saturday, 6 March 2010

More Life Drawings Whoo!

I've only picked out a few of each to show variety, rather than to show everything that looks alike. The first one, we were basically taught to use lines to measure how accurately we drew the figure as this helped us with angles as well as length of body parts.

I personally thought this was quite helpful because I saw mistakes I may not have seen at first glance of my drawings. I think the use of lines also helps me to put more weight on the feet.

This next one, was from one of our last life drawing classes (We didn't have as many sessions this term). Along with learning to use geometric shapes, we also learn to draw a person using only circles. At first this was difficult to ONLY visualise with circles, but it quickly became easier due to the fact that the human body is made out of many curves and quickly I grew quite into it.

Another from our last actual life drawings was the one where we had to draw with our opposite hands. Most people found this difficult and I guess a lot of people are very attached to their drawings so they become more stressed rather than finding it fun. Mine was still messy, but I never realised how similar it is to my usual drawing hand considering I never use my left. I guess I was generally relaxed and as Ollie had said, I guess if you have the knowledge, you just transfer the same techniques to your other hand. Surprising at how little I use my left hand (Apart from typing) I wasn't aching after that activity.

These drawings are from the week after our last session where Dan told us to go and do drawings ourselves. I decided to go to the Croydon Shopping Centre because there are always a variation of people. Some of the drawings were done on the tram on my way, and the rest were from observing in the actual place. I've drawn people passing by before, but I forgot just how difficult it was! I didn't really even get 10 seconds to draw most people so it became to look abstract. I tried my best to capture gestures but they were pretty much gone by the time my pencil would touch the paper.

The next drawings are from our last Life Drawing class this term. We went to the National Portrait Gallery to do some drawing exercises. I think I enjoyed this day the least, I definitely prefer drawing people but I do admit, I did learn a bit about composition.

Here's even more ;o I think I like the one on black paper best, because it's just a complete contrast to drawing on white paper. I think it also helps that the painting we drew from is one of my favourites within the gallery.

Friday, 5 March 2010

3D Walk Cycle

Even though I had grasped the basic process of how the 3d walk cycle goes, unfortunately, things have been far from straight forward when it came to actually doing it. Initially, my work came along fine, but then I began to experience problems with the autokey and character set. Instead of it predicting what the inbetween frames would be like, it would jump straight to the next key frame without making any inbetween frames at all. I wanted the animation to flow, but this caused a lot of problems for me.

See the highlighted frame just before the keyframe, it has not changed position since the last keyframe.

Here are video footages to illustrate the technical problems I've had.

I even tried to do it frame by frame since autokey doesn't work for me, but this made my animation look very rigid and was very difficult. It made me realise how handy the autokey is, when it can be used however.