Friday, 29 May 2009

Everyone says this is one of the best drawings I've done on Photoshop which is ironically one of the first sketches I did using my Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet. I am quite pleased with it, but I somehow edited the file where a layer was deleted and never felt to continue in completing this. This was taken from a picture on Deviantart of a kitten that I just thought was absolutely gorgeous. It's eyes were so captivating that I was inspired to try and draw it. Bare in mind, I started and gave up on this atleast a year ago.

The technique I used, was to draw every strand of hair on the fur, and for the eyes I used a low opacity and the blur tool to blend.


This is the latest drawing I have done on Photoshop. I'll admit I have been VERY lazy and not continued. I guess, I've felt disheartened by the fact I can't seem to do things as well as other people. Even when I try, it never seems to turn out the way I'd like it to.

Here is the working process on a drawing of my boyfriend. At the moment I am quite proud of how accurately I've drawn him but the colouring is SO difficult and time consuming! I just get so frustrated and give up because I feel it looks terrible. Hopefully I'll pick up the motivation again soon.

This was done on Photoshop CS2 with my Wacom Graphics Tablet. I can't quite remember the brush sizes, maybe variated between 15 pt and 30. Sometimes as minimal as 5pt. 

The Beginning

I'm not exactly new here, but I thought I'd dedicate an account to just my work alone rather than for personal reasons. I just want my work to get out there, to share my passion for drawing. So here I am, making a start to expressing myself artistically.