Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Life Drawingss!

I'm fairly pleased with my life drawings, although I could practise more. Funny enough I was in a drawing mood just a moment ago, I don't know if drawing Goku counts. When looking through, it kind of made me realise I NEED to get back into shading again. I've just rarely drawn anything traditionally for a while. I've had to force myself to draw via graphics tablet that I've neglected my love for simply pencil and paper. I particularly wished with the watercolour one I had more time because I needed the watercolour paint to dry so I could've drawn over in a dark pencil but never mind. I think I have learnt quite a bit from this term, although some things I already knew since I attended a manga workshop years ago and in order to emphasise a drawing, you obviously need to learn the basics first. There were some drawings I couldn't include since the scanner couldn't pick up the lightness of the lines unfortunately. Anyway, here's my life drawings:

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