Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Thinking about my animation

I've been thinking, that since Donnie seems to be stuttering a lot within his dialogue, my character's movement will be quite fidgety to mimic this physically. He doesn't feel comfortable, but that is apart of Donnie's personality. He is generally an outcast within this film.

In complete irrelevance to above, I went to the library tday and took out a book I had previously taken out for my first term of the course. It's called "Producing Independent 2d Character Animation: Making and Selling a Short Film" by Mark Simon. This doesn't really relate much to my animation since I will be doing it in 3D, but there was a page (Fig.1) that I remembered that was quite helpful. It showed the different general phonemes. I figured, it would help me to do the lip syncing but knowing roughly how to shape the mouths.


Fig 2

Unfortunately, the text is a bit difficult to read, but I feel Fig.1 pretty much explains all anyway.

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